What is anxiety Causes Symptoms and Recovery | 2020

What is anxiety Causes Symptoms and Recovery | 2020

What is Anxiety?

In this revolutionized world stress is not something unusual but most of the people experience itfree from anxiety with in one day
consciously or unconsciously. Although it is generally considered something negative
sometimes it becomes a source of motivation and enables one to complete his/her tasks on time.
Even some people preferably complete their work in stressful conditions. But once a Wiseman
said that “Excess of anything is bad”. In the same way, if this stress exceeds a certain level it is
termed as “Anxiety” and yes it is a serious matter. It may be some uncomfortable feeling, maybe
some fear or it can be due to some bad phase of your life from which you are going through. Now we will discuss about What is anxiety Causes Symptoms and Recovery.

What are the Causes of Anxiety?

Different people can define anxiety differently. For example, for a child, it may be the first day of what is anxiety disorder
school, for students exam, are the possible reason of this stressful condition, similarly, sometimes
for parents, it may be due to their overthinking about their child’s future and for a businessman
loss in business is the reason. However, from a biological perspective, the real culprit of this
disturbance is a hormone “adrenaline” excreted by your adrenal glands (located just above your
kidneys), which is responsible for some symptoms of anxiety.
Below are some symptoms that are an indication that you are anxious.

Symptoms of Anxiety:

Insomniatypes of anxiety
Lack of appetite
Trembling, headache and perspiration
Feelings of unhappiness
Negative thoughts and pessimism

Sometimes in more severe cases, this may include panic attacks.

How to recover from Anxiety? and Get Health.

The duration of anxiety varies from person to person, it may be for some days, weeks, or monthsanxiety spectrum disorder, what causes anxiety disorders to develop
(however if persists for years then its some disorder or chronic mental illness which is more
serious of course). Similarly, the duration of the recovery period is also dependent on the severity of the case. But here are some tricks to recover from anxiety.
First of all, be an optimist.
Be positive and think positive, mean start looking half glass filled instead of half glass
Stop overthinking because things that are not in your hand need freedom from your
mind too.
Do regular exercise and avoid overuse of caffeine.
Try to spend some quality time with our family and friends, it will also relieve your
mind and soul as well.
Last but not least strengthen your connection with Allah and become a firm believer. He
will never let you down. you can get recovery from Anxiety from this article “What is anxiety Causes Symptoms and Recovery”.


It is frustrating to deal with some anxiety. But now if you are well familiar with it then you
should frequently access your mental health. And if you are experiencing any of these symptoms,
then you should consult a psychologist. Even till the last decade, going to a psychologist was
like a taboo that someone is likely going mad if he/she is visiting a psychologist and even a
layman was not familiar with this word. But thankfully with the time people are now well aware
of mental health and showing their concerns about mental health issues. Stay aware, stay safe.

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